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SCAL Project

Pulp Processing Plant

First Urban Fiber Inc. Hagerstown, MD


Sea Crest Construction, in association with our joint venture partners, designed and constructed a $220,000,000 state of the art plant to provide the industry market pulp of virgin quality, from 100% de-inked, post consumer fibers. The project included a wastewater treatment plant, a railroad sighting facility complete with tracks and boxcar unloading facility, a de-inking pulp processing plant and required office space. Approximately two (2) miles of large and small-bore stainless steel piping was installed for the operation of the processing plant. Approximately $70,000,000 of equipment was installed at the site which included all necessary plumbing, mechanical and electrical systems.

This project was constructed on a fast-track basis and was completed within twenty (20) months from the start of conceptual drawings. Sea Crest, in association with its affiliated company Peter Scalamandre & Sons, self-performed all of the excavation, concrete and sitework for the project.

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First Urban Fiber Inc. Hagerstown, MD

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