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General Contracting

With over 50 years in the industry as a General Contractor, Sea Crest has been achieving cost leadership matched with high-quality construction labor for our clients. This is the promise we have been making to our clients for all projects. In undertaking projects, Sea Crest works with the owners on a time-and-material basis, assuming total start-to-finish responsibility. Clients have discovered that the Sea Crest method of buying construction allows specified work to be completed for the least expenditure of time and money. Working directly for the owner, Sea Crest is frequently able to use its teams’ own creativity and years of experience and ingenuity to actually cut the cost of a project. An example was in the construction of the Basic Sciences Tower for the State University Construction Fund at Stony Brook University, Stony Brook, New York. During the Stony Brook project, which could not proceed during winter months, Sea Crest management suggested a method of achieving the architect’s desired effect by casting precast members off site. Erection was effected in a fraction of the time required for the work on site, and the project was able to proceed regardless of the weather. This method influenced leading construction practices to this day.


Categorized as a General Contractor, Highway and Street Construction firm, Sea Crest was established in 1923 and incorporated in New York. Our team consists of 50-99 experts and professionals in the industry to give you and your project the best judgement and advice. We offer several possibilities to make sure that we deliver what we promise our clients. We have all the equipment necessary for your project, small or large. We even have our own cement and asphalt production, so we will always have ready supplies to fulfil our promise to you.

Our Vision

To be the first choice in general contracting services.

Our Core Value

To deliver high-quality construction projects with long-term relationship to our clients.

Our Services

General Contractor As a General Contractor, Sea Crest is involved and responsible for your project from beginning to end. Sea Crest leverages on our team capabilities to supervise construction activities, achieve cost-leadership and timely performances, manage materials, and produce quality production outcomes.


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