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Seville Central Mix


Ready Mix Concrete

Seville is a ready-mix concrete batching facility operating three plants providing automated concrete batching and other materials to unique project specification. We primarily serve the Queens, Brooklyn, Nassau and Suffolk county areas. Seville coordinates their deliveries through a central office which offers productivity gains by consolidating handling and deliveries from several plants. Seville operates steel cement silos to protect raw materials from moisture in the air and automated batching systems using an electronic control system that handles the weighing and mixing operations accurately. With the gross weight of a fully-loaded 12-yard truck upwards of 38 tons and improvements in logistical coordination gained through centralized dispatch, we are optimizing our delivery flexibility, capacity and backup capability. Seville also supplies New York State approved material such as Recycled Concrete Aggregate (RCA) for foundation stabilization and roadway subbase materials.

Seville provides multiple types of concrete under many different applications, such as: Conventional and pump mix designs ranging in compressive strength, light weight concrete, and flowable fill for use in footings, underpinning, sidewalks & curbs, structural foundations, colored concrete, exposed aggregate, driveways, homeowners projects, etc. We also carry concrete blocks and deliver the following products: gravel, crushed stone, high strength grout, select and structural fill materials.

Seville and the Environment

Seville monitors potential waterborne and airborne pollutants, spilled oil or fuel, as well as fine and coarse particles of aggregates and cement and controls them as required by law. Runoff water is captured in settling ponds that allow solids to be separated before the water is either discharged or recycled. Airborne emission concerns primarily involve dust from the concrete mixing process itself or from trucks driving on unpaved portions of plants. Dust is controlled by hooding mixing facilities and either paving or occasionally spraying-down unpaved areas of the plant. Seville prides itself in addressing environmental issues on a continuous basis.


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