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Manhattan Forensic Relocation Bid Package 1

New York State Office of Mental Health

600 East 125th Street. Wards Island, NY

Sea Crest Construction Corp. was contracted by New York State Office of General Services to perform bid package 1 of Manhattan Forensics Relocation. The MPC Forensic Relocation Project is an 18 story rehabilitation project, which consisted of Asbestos Abatement, Architectural Demolition, Structural Demolition, Floor Slab Strengthening, and the replacement of existing Windows.

Working closely with New York State OGS and the owner’s construction manager, TDX, Sea Crest Construction Corp. is solely responsible for the execution of all contract operations. Subcontractors have been contracted to complete the various operations and are managed by Sea Crest.

Operations throughout the building include asbestos abatement of existing piping, window components and ACM flooring tiles. Demolition of architectural interiors and mechanical systems, while maintaining the operation of occupied spaces adjacent to areas being demolished has required coordination with the facility and intricate planning and phasing throughout.

Structural demolition of existing floor slabs throughout the 18 story tower and the installation of new structural steel members for placement of concrete slabs requires temporary structural bracing procedures to insure the structural integrity of the existing building enclosure. This bracing and reinforcement required engineering and implementation of an intricate nature to complete safely.

At the 15th story 50% of the floor slabs are being removed to accommodate the construction of a new Gym between the 14th and 16th floors. This requires also extensive bracing, reinforcing of existing steel columns and closely coordinated demolition.

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New York State Office of Mental Health