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T8 American Airlines Concrete Foundations & Paving

American Airlines

John F. Kennedy International Airport, New York, NY

PSSI was selected to perform many aspects of the American Airlines at JFK Terminal 8 including but not limited to Civil Site Work, Utilities, Concrete Foundations and Concrete Paving.

T8 Head house Expansion: Concrete and General Sitework

Parcel M Scope of Work: 

  • Install all SWPPP protection
  • Demo and remove all PCC Pavements
  • Excavate to Subgrade
  • Establish on Site Concrete Crushing Operation
  • Crush and Stockpile existing and new concrete materials
  • Clear Parcel M of existing jersey barriers
  • Demo and remove existing storm system
  • Install all storm lines and structures
  • Dispose of Soil
  • Install Duct-banks and foundations for all high mast light-poles
  • All concrete paving
  • All asphalt paving

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American Airlines