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Company History

Peter Scalamandre formed his construction company in Freeport, N.Y. in 1923. America had not long exited the horse-and-buggy age. Back then, the concrete construction we know today did not exist. When new concrete methods such as slip-form paving and gang-forming systems were introduced to the industry, Peter Scalamandre and Sons Inc. (PSSI) took advantage of new techniques and established itself as one of the leading civil contractors in New York state, constructing roads, bridges, utility and drainage systems.  Over the years the 2nd generation Scalamandre’ s grew the company into new areas and general construction and created a clientele base by establishing the solid reputation we know and enjoy today.   The company is now owned and operated by the Scalamandre family’s 3rd generation, with plans to grow into the 4th generation in the near future.  We are proud to have been part of the development of our area’s infrastructure projects over these generations and are passionate about future opportunities.