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Our decreasing Experience Modification Rate (EMR) and Recordable Incident Rate (RIR) over the last few years is due to the continuous improvement of PSSI Safety Performance. The PSSI Health & Safety Department helps drive compliance and understanding of policies and procedures in place to keep employees and their work environment as safe and healthy as possible. Their firm knowledge base grounded in formal  Health & Safety education coupled with a vast history of field experience makes them an excellent resource for all project teams.

What is 811?

811 is the phone number you call before digging to protect yourself and others from unintentionally hitting underground utility lines.
There are millions of miles of buried utilities beneath the surface of the earth that are vital to everyday living like water, electricity and natural gas.
811 is the federally designated call before you dig number that helps homeowners and professionals avoid damaging these vital utilities. When you make the free call to 811 a few days before you dig, you’ll help prevent unintended consequences such as injury to you or your family, damage to your property, utility service outages to the entire neighborhood and potential fines and repair costs.